Aug 11

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"My editor won’t let any of the characters swear. Which is sometimes difficult because Ron is definitely a boy who would swear."

- J.K. Rowling (via accioron)

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Aug 11

// M O N E Y 'S  M E //
Aug 11

// M O N E Y 'S  M E //

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"You’d lose your mind trying to understand mine."

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Aug 10

Well i have zero clue on how to behave at funerals and another non existent clue on how to express myself so gon type it all here

I was practically breaking apart every 5 secs so I didn’t want to sit near my family members bc i’ll just keep getting “aw you’re such a good granddaughter” comments or worse still, the “it’s ok, life’s like this, she’s lived a good old age” fuckery. I just want to wallow in my own whirlpool of sadness because my grandmother was (AND STILL IS) my ultimate superhero and the fact that she’s gone hurts like a bloody chainsaw. I know she lived for a good 90 years but I, the moronic granddaughter, have always preferred the idea of her being around forever. And now I realise that nobody’s going to be paranoid about me being starved to death by my parents (which they don’t) and nobody’s going to stuff extra pocket money into my palms. Nobody else is going to hold/grip my hand as if I’d escape anytime. Nobody’s going to tell me how down-to-earth my dad is and nobody’s going to nag at me for keeping my long mane anymore. Even though I kept begging and begging and beggingggg for grandma to return but nobody’s coming back so

Aug 9
Aug 9

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Hello ah ma,

今天看到你躺着的时候我很伤心,因为我第一次看到你完全不动,完全不说话。一直想把你叫起来。很想念啊嘛骂人的时候。你以前凶起来时很怕人,很好笑。没有人比啊嘛厉害。我很想你, 可以不要走吗

Aug 9

"Your grandma is the strongest person we know. She used to lug her fried noodle stall, this wooden cart, all across the village everyday so that she can support the family"

"Your grandma slammed the maid’s face into the table because she tried to assault her"

"Your grandma sort of raised the 10 of us single-handedly because grandpa was never really there"

"Your grandma could carry 4 big bags full of clothes and food all the way to China by herself to visit her family. Back then, it takes 2 weeks to travel from Singapore to China by boat."

"Your grandma’s chili was the best. Everybody loved it. But what they didn’t know was that there were cockcroaches running around the chili and she grinded them in anyway. She seriously thought it was fine"

"Your grandma’s legs are aching again. She kept walking to and fro to the market, she kept forgetting that she’s just been there"

"Your grandma just gave you $10. She’s worried that your parents aren’t feeding you enough"

At 5.12pm today:
“Your grandma has passed away”

Aug 7
Superheroes don’t die
Aug 4

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Aug 4


Up is down.

#every single assignment sheet ever

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Aug 3

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Aug 2

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Aug 2

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"I know better now, and so I am trying to do better. It is painful because the old ways are so comfortable but I know in my heart that pain is the only thing that will bloom if I go backwards and plant the same seeds I always did. I want to feel the sun kiss my skin, and watch the light grow inside of me. So yes, I know better, and yes I will try to do better. I will trust that this uncomfortable feeling will fade into peace, and I will be one step closer to being free in me. I am letting go of many things, thoughts, feelings, and people that have weighed me down until the water filled my lungs. I am learning how to breathe again without them, and it feels bittersweet but I know this is what is right for me. I won’t explain or justify myself to anyone. I will live out my life with joy, with peace, with honesty, and I will not let anything unravel me again. This is my story, and beautiful things will be written in each page. The light will soak into my words, and I will come alive in each chapter. No more holding back. No more pleasing you. No more making myself small to make you more. I am here, and I am going to take up space. I am going to live."

- Dele Olanubi (via bealightinthedark)

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Aug 2
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